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FOR SALE SOLD 1965 MORRIS MINOR 1000 RESTORED OFFERS click here for super sized pictures <


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Daniel with his Cadillac at the Americana July 2006





Iintroducing the Cadillac CTS-V 556 HP the fastest v8 production sedan in the world





quote from Andy Pilgrim,

Cadillac race car driver

any time I can drive a Cadillac race car and beat porsh, Audi and b.M.W. it brings a big smile to my face!

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Cadillac Database from 1902 to 1986 up

Team Cadillac  Racing video

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Cadillac history from 1902 to 2006




Please note this site is none commercial!

the parts I have for sale are from cars that I have dismantled over the years most are


Cadillac Eldorado and De Ville  1968 to 1980, I also have some parts from other American cars Buick etc    

see the 1968 Cadillac coupe de Ville  in action click here>>>>>>  1968 Cadillac vid nothing moves like a Cadillac 

My 1968 Cadillac coupe de ville just under 400hp 7.7 litre V8 with 375BHP @4400RPM and 525 ft-lb Torque @3000RPM
 Zero to 100 mph in 15seconds! There ain't no substitute for cubic inches!! I love Cadillac cars!


**** Cadillac began 1968 with a new power plant. The 472 became one of the most powerful Cadillac engines (alongside the V-16). Rated at 390 HP, Cadillac's of the 1968-1973 vintage became muscle cars wearing tuxedos.

A Turbo Hydramatic 400 transmission provides smooth shifting as well as a very civilized ride. Step on the gas though, and the shifting becomes a kick in the pants taking you from 0-100 in less than 15 seconds. At 4000 pounds, this car is definitely not a slalom driver; But when you have 500 ft/lbs of torque, you can correct any kind of steering deficiencies with the gas pedal.

Indeed, this power plant is still alive. Just go to any NHRA meet, and you will see variants of the 472 in dragsters and pro-stockers. The motor is a very well designed piece of machinery. At 191,000 miles, mine still can cruise down the highway without skipping a beat. Gas mileage is pretty good considering the magnitude of things. On the city I get around 12 miles to the gallon (that's if I don't use the local stop light as a skid pad). On the highway is where the Caddy is king. I average around 17 mpg at 60 mph. Once I makeshift connected a tachometer to see what rpm's I pull on the highway. It barely registered 1800 rpm's at 65 mph. No wonder. more info click on Cadillac database above